Hey y'all! 

  • Iā€™m Hayley.
  • Living it up in L'ville as my amazing husband pursues his ph.d (Holla!) at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • My roots take me back to the waving wheat of Oklahoma and only the Lord knows where our next adventure will land us. 
  • I love Jesus, and I am thankful for the good Lords gift of creativity that he has placed within each of us. 
  • I love my husband more than words can express.
  • Same goes for my family. I can fight with 'em, but you can not. ;) 
  • By day I dabble in graphic design and exhibit displays. 
  • By night I am an avid Gilmore Girl + Friends addict. 

But beyond the personal and more about me as a photographer:

I am passionate about families and I don't just mean my own.

I am passionate about your family too.

There is nothing better to me than capturing those genuine smiles, that snorting laugh and the sweet cuddles. Trust me your kids will one day look back and see how much they were loved and that makes it all worth it. I always make sure to get the "money shot," so don't worry we will get that picture of everyone smiling and looking directly at me. I know those photos are important too, but trust me to do my thing and capture those intimate moments.